Executive Team

Keith Reed, President and CEO, started as CBS' only employee and has created a company centered on the motto, "business lending done the right way." Under his vision and management, CBS will continue to provide the very best service to its borrowers and credit unions.

Business Development

The CBS business development team provides local, personalized service that goes beyond the point of the loan closing. Our business development team works hard to provide innovative solutions to meet the customer's needs. Relationships with our borrowers are time tested.

Business Lending & Portfolio Management

CBS' team of credit underwriting professionals and portfolio managers has built an exceptional reputation in the commercial lending industry. They evaluate each loan opportunity with close attention to detail and do their best to ensure that the business loan transactions are secured properly.

Risk Management

The Risk Management team maintains CBS' excellent reputation by establishing and following a set of practices through the business loan closing process and post-closing reviews. Our Special Assets & Loss Mitigation team detects credit risks and works with borrowers and credit unions to minimize loss to both parties. CBS Risk Analytics provides in-depth analysis of credit unions MBL portfolios while giving guidance on ALLL and preparing our clients for CECL.

Finance and Audit

The Finance department is the glue that holds CBS together. This dependable group manages every aspect of commercial loan funding and servicing for our member credit unions. Borrowers and credit unions alike applaud this department's diligence and accuracy.

Corporate Administration

The Corporate Administration team is all encompassing to provide both internal and external staff and borrowers with excellent service from start to finish. This team manages, coordinates and delivers all administrative support for CBS and its various departments timely and effectively ensuring all around efficiency.